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    I had a Perfect BBS2. Everything about the Device was, PERFECT. Clicks were just right, it was fast, and of course the screen was beautiful (low Res, but Beautiful in and out of sunlight). I dropped it, shattering the perfect BBS2earlier this year and since then I have divided my time with a number of devices but I keep coming back to the BBS2 as my one "device crush".

    Unfortunately, during my search for a new phone I have gone through 4-BBS2s and all of them have had the exact same issue. The lower keys have some weird Glitch that makes the device double, triple, and quadruple click. I never had this problem previously, but now it seems that every device is doing this. All the devices exhibited this anomaly before I put any apps on it, and I even tried wiping the devices and re-installing the OS.....NO HELP, I was left with a mildly inoperable phone. WHAT CAN I DO??? Does anyone know how to fix this?

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    BTW: I am currently using a Palm Pre while I await a solution to fixing this problem ..... I am learning that although I love my BBS2 and the Blackberry OS, WebOS is truly Best Operating System!! The Hardware may not be the greatest (small keyboard), but WebOS is light years beyond Iphone OS and Android. Give me a WebOS device with some decent hardware (read mansized keyboard or nice virtual keyboard) and I would have my dream device. (Too bad RIM didn't purchase PALM

    Ignore the sidebar: Can you please help with my BBS2 Problem
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    No helpers....Does anyopne have an idea of how to fix the issue?
    07-06-10 12:13 PM
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    I'd love an answer to this too. Mine is driving me INSANE today. I loved my Storm, gave it to my mom, swithced to a Tour and missed the Storm SO badly! Now I have the BBS2 and have loved it... aside from the super annoying multiple clicks. Some days are worse than others. Today is a bad day!
    07-06-10 12:28 PM
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    Something to take note of. With power off, the screen does not click at all (of course). Therefore, it seems to me that the power received by the screen mechanism will determine it's sensitivity or lack there of. I know that I have had the same issue occasionally with more than one OS.

    I know you said you reloaded the OS, but try the SaskaTel official 517. I never had the problem as i believe that "somehow" it manages the power to different components of the device better than other OS releases. I have no facts whatsoever to back that up, so take it with a grain of salt. Just my 2 cents and observations when I was on it.

    If you find that it DOES indeed help, at least a little, start looking at OOAK or LYRICIDAL's hybrids based on the 517 OS to see if it continues to get better. I've stayed away from 607 completely, gave me nothing but trouble even though many say it works for them fine. Also, the 713 was OK, but am trying out a hybrid based on that now. Has given me a few minor issues and surprises but nothing worth downgrading for.
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    How about 1 firm hard press? does that still give the multi-click effect?

    Think is the sensitivity issue. Without removing any stickers from your phone. If you have the screw driver, try to see if by tightening the screw at the back of your phones helps.

    For me, I tighten all the screws front and back since i had a LCD replacement done.
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