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    Hello , a client of mine recently purchased two Storms. We set them up using the BB Manager software on their server. The first phone that we setup is working without a hitch, the second phone though has a small hitch. Found that the user, who has close to 1000 contacts in his MS Outlook, when the phone is setup on the BBManager his contacts go from the 1000 count to 16,000 - and then takes longer than an hour to finish. When it completes and I look in his contacts and find that each entry is copied up to 15 times. As in user with the name of A, will be shown for an entire screen and part of the next screen when scrolled down. I spoke with Verizon a few times and then suggested once to wipe it clean and then add the phone back to the BB Manager,which I have done more than once-issue carries over. When I called verizon back after keepin me on hold for 45 minutes they came back and told me that since it is a BB Manager then it is all on my end and they cant help me.

    I just want the contacts folder on this persons phone to look like a normal contact folder, one name, one entry...i do not want to go through the entire list of 16,000 names and begin deleting them one by one. Has anyone else seen this before and can offer up any suggestions to get this looking right? The client is giving me lip because I can get it looking right, and he looks right past how everything else works great on the phone. anyhelp would be appreciated.

    01-02-09 12:06 PM