1. liguy2005's Avatar
    I am having some problems with these 2 programs running together---When ever i got voice mail it would blink the assigned color for 1 sec then start blinking the color for idle alert and with email--if i had muliple emails it would start blinking color for idle alert--Once i unchecked the boxes for email and sms then bb alerts work awesome--I emailed support for bb alerts they said bb light was conflicting with bb alerts by when the screen would come on when i got a message or voice mail --it would conflict and thought i was touching the screen so would go to idle alert color--Has anyone got both the programs to work flawless together?If so i would appreciate some help---thanks alot
    01-30-09 10:01 AM
  2. 03formeh's Avatar
    I removed BB Light because it stopped the LED from blinking when I had a message or voice mail. Even though I still had the LED options turned on it wouldn't blink after the screen lit up uppon receiving a message. If I was away from my phone and came back I wouldn't know if I had a message unless I clicked my phone to turn on the backlight. What good is that?? I like the fact that if I have a message I can just see the LED blinking. But it was also nice to see the screen light up if I had it in front of me on my desk at work. I wish they both worked together, oh well.
    01-30-09 10:18 AM