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    Has anyone noticed lately(past week) the font size changing in the Blackberry browser when you rotate from portrait to landscape? Just to be clear up till yesterday I was running .76. Now I'm running the .106 hybrid and it does the same thing. I can't say for certain but I think it started around the time the new Bolt update came out, for some reason I had to uninstall then install it again and then update. I have not tried removing Bolt entirely yet to see if that is the cause.
    For comparison sake lets use wap.crackberry.com to be consistent. It's not just this site for me either but anyways, I never had it change before. If I am zoomed all the way out(small) in portrait and rotate to landscape the size never changed before. Now it gets larger and SOMETIMES shows I've zoomed in which I haven't. Push Z- and nothing really changes except the button grays out(zoomed all the way out). Other times the font will stay the same size as when in portrait and the text just wraps accordingly, which I prefer since if I wanted to make it bigger I would zoom.
    02-17-09 10:58 PM
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    What it does is keep the same zoom level in terms of width. So if you're in portrait there is less width for it to work with so it zooms out. When you switch to landscape there is more "width" so it zooms in to fit the same amount of the screen in that width, and by doing so it seems like you're zooming or the font gets bigger. It's a normal function, not sre if theres a way to change it.

    Hope that makes sense.
    02-17-09 11:26 PM
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    Okay here is what I have found out from some more intense playing around with one page. I personally think it is wrong what the browser does but that is me. Let me explain.

    If I load a page in portrait, it will load with the default nice font size and zero zoom then I rotate it to landscape.

    - The page does not refresh for the larger width, it zooms maintaining the same amount of characters.

    PRO - no page load/refresh due to screen orientation change.

    CON - BB browser does not recognize the the fact that it zoomed in at least 1 level (This is the problem from what I can tell)

    If I refresh the page it recognizes the wider column and adjusts the text wrap BUT at the same time BB browser realizes that it is zoomed in so the text goes way off the right side of the screen!
    Once zoomed out 2 levels you are back to zero zoom and the default text size that it would normally load if you were in portrait or first loaded in the page in landscape.

    NOTE: It seems to be site dependent if you need to zoom out the two levels as well as refresh. I'm not a member of any other boards that have a mobile site so I can't test them.
    TSN's mobile site you just need to refresh and it adjusts the text wrap and size to match the zero zoom.
    Reuters on the other hand acts the same as crackberry, you need to refresh then zoom out to get back to the same as if you had just loaded the page from scratch in landscape.
    02-18-09 11:06 AM