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    That when your battery dies, you plug in your phone and hit the power button the storm doesn't start up as normal instead your left with a charging symbol for up to 15-30 mins before it turns itself on? Also, when your plugged in the storm doesnt run off direct power, I remember a time when I was sitting passenger in my car with it plugged in; it had a low battery and i was browsing internet when it died of low battery.... I dont get that.. can anyone explain why it does that and why it doesnt work like a regular phone in the charging sense?
    01-13-09 10:06 PM
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    The charging circuit charges the battery; the battery powers the phone. Until the battery recharges to phone to a certain level, the phone will be inoperative. Having the ability to run the phone while charging would require a more complex charging circuit and a much more robust power supply. It would certainly eliminate the ability to charge via USB, since some USB ports can't recharge with the circuit as it's designed now.

    This has been thoroughly discussed in recent days. There's no point in another thread on the subject, so I'll close this one after you've had a change to ask any follow up questions.
    01-13-09 10:22 PM
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    ah ok, thanks, I've used the search tool and couldnt manage to find someone with the same issue.... Sorry bout that. I guess it just upsets me that my dumbphone can do things that my smartphone cannot
    01-13-09 11:15 PM
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    It's hard to find a specific thread like the recent one on charging with the search tool. There are too many threads and no unique keywords, so I'm not surprised you didn't find it.

    If you like the way your BlackBerry charges, you'll love the way it keeps up with time zones when you're traveling ... See the Time Zone Issues thread that's linked in my non-WAP signature.

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    01-14-09 04:42 AM