1. HeroBerry's Avatar
    Hey everyone,

    I have a question. It was hard for me to search because there are a few factors at work but I was curious as to why my battery died on me and I wanted to see if any one can give me some insight.

    First off, I have the Seidio 1600 extended battery and it usually lasts me the whole day with about 30% or so to spare.

    Last night I downloaded Viigo before I charged my phone.
    I started using the BlackBerry brand leather pouch for the Storm (which it would not make sense if that drained the battery but who knows thats why I'm asking).
    And this morning I downloaded a new theme for my phone (SBerry360 theme).

    I was wondering, in your opinion, if any or all of the above combination could cause my battery to drain faster than usual. I'm a pretty heavy user but I don't think I used it more today than usual.

    I'm currently running .103 and have not had a battery problem with it yet. And the only other apps I use so far is quickpull, facebook and twitterberry. I only used Viigo a few times today and I made sure to close it out when I was finished with it.

    It sounds silly that I thought it could be the new case that drained the battery considering it is supposed to conserve battery life but anyone have similar issues with their battery and any or all of the above?

    Thanks in advance.
    02-17-09 10:25 PM
  2. kokuryuha's Avatar
    viigo still may have automatic updating, which would kill the battery even if you closed it out. it's kind of like weatherbug does.
    02-17-09 11:34 PM
  3. KoukiFC3S's Avatar
    Yea it's Viigo. You can space out the auto update if you'd like to save more battery.
    02-17-09 11:37 PM
  4. HeroBerry's Avatar
    Thanks guys
    02-18-09 12:59 AM