1. rjr6084's Avatar
    Hey guys. I was wondering if anyone knew what was going on with my battery. I used to be able to get through a full day of phone use (texting, calls, web browsing, and listening to music) and still end up with 75% battery left. Last week, I downloaded some apps (Opera, storm light, storm sketch, and storm piano) and ever since my battery has died in about 4 hours. Even when my phone is sitting idle I can lose about 25% battery in approximately 2 hours. When I do a battery pull I can lose about 30% charge. Since I've noticed this battery malfunction I have deleted all the apps I downloaded prior to the problem. I have also tried someone else's storm battery, and the same thing happened, meaning it's just not my battery. Im running .90 on a 9530 and haven't had a problem till now. Any info would be a help, thanks a lot.

    02-23-09 11:40 AM
  2. LilacBleeds's Avatar
    I dont know I have had this problem when downloading themes but not apps... I am sorry I cant help...
    I wish I knew what I did wrong...
    02-23-09 12:08 PM