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    Hey i get my 3rd Storm ( Who said that there's problems on the Storm ??? ).

    So my 3 battery were so differents .. The 1st one was 0 the second one was good and the 3rd one is o also.

    Do you think that the problem is on the Handheld or it is on the Battery ...
    My battery Serial Number is G0847C...

    Utilisation : Blackberry Messenger 30 mess
    10 mails
    20 mn Call
    Playing with apps like Google maps ...ect

    i switch it on at 07:30 am and the Battery is Dead a 5:00 pm

    i 'm agree to buy a new one but is it the battery or the storm the problems ?????
    if it s the battery wich serial number have problems
    BTW i really love my new Storm But sooooo down with the Battery
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    There are many features that can impact the battery life. There could be leaks within the apps that you are using. There could be a problem with the OS that causes lower battery life. If you have the GPS or bluetooth feature on all the time, it will drain your battery. But it can also be the device. I can usually run the BB heavily for 8 hours and still have 70% of the battery left.

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    02-07-09 02:02 PM
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    It can be a faulty battery as well. Lots of reasons, many....

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    02-07-09 02:16 PM