1. rodalfa's Avatar
    Since I upgraded to the last officials OS (now, before my Storm 9500, the battery and memory drains where HUGE.

    Using Meterberry, I saw a drain between 5% and 15% an hour without intensive use (with intensive use, like reading RSS, playing music by BT, etc it can be 30% an hour!), and the application memory can go down from 25MB to 0.0MB easily (there is no relation with time, or I can not make a deduction).

    This morning, my company's BES is down since 4 hours ago. Without charging the device, in the last 3 hours the battery continues to 100%. And RAM remains stable at 20MB.

    So clearly, the responsible for this high consumes is the BES connection.

    Perhaps someone have a solution/tip/etc of which OS is optimal for BES connected devices.
    06-01-10 06:25 AM
  2. gordboy's Avatar
    I can go days with little battery drain showing in meterberry's log, then it will jump to 3-4+% per hour. If I reset the device, it will settle back down again. I am on BES with .328 and a Storm 9530.

    I've tried deleting all apps installed lately and it doesn't make a difference.

    Didn't think about BES causing it, but you may be onto something there...
    07-12-10 03:59 PM
  3. The_Engine's Avatar
    Battery drain should be minimal until you start using the device actively. Messaging should not hurt it. Streaming music or heavy web or phone use will kill it. It seems like in .4xx and .5xx builds of OS 5 RIM had some issues with the radio code and any network traffic drained the battery very fast. The .685 leak for the 9530 was better on battery, but everything else was no good. So it seems that they fixed the battery issue. Somewhere between .591 and .685. Some of the Hybrids help, so the root may have somewhere in the java apps.

    BES in an of itself should not affect Battery since it is a push situation and the device is idle until BES pushes info to it. Maybe there was setting on your BES that was out of whack that was scanning for IT policy too frequently or something.
    07-13-10 11:25 AM