04-22-10 10:46 AM
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  1. MPSmith1's Avatar
    My app manager shows a couple dozen apps running, which I'm sure is the issue...but I cannot close any of them. I've got wifi, bluetooth and GPS off, I'm on 3G but have a steady signal and its not constantly switching signals, backlight is at 10% and 20 sec.
    Yes, that's probably the issue. Do a batt pull if you can't close the apps. That'll do it for you and will help your battery problem IMMENSELY!

    FYI, don't worry about GPS running, it doesn't affected battery life unless you have an app running that is using it.
    04-22-10 10:42 AM
  2. MPSmith1's Avatar
    I know thats why my battery drained so fast...but the core problem is I can't close anything. I toggle over to the app and use the menu, close command and it doesn't close the app, it just returns me to the home screen.

    I just counted em all up, 7 apps...looks like I was exaggerating.

    city ID
    Home screen
    Blackberry messenger

    I can understand not being able to close phone, but browser or weatherbug? I'm doing something wrong.
    I would remove CityID from Applications unless you use it. And IMO, Weatherbug is a battery killer. At least it was for me. Don't worry about closing the browser. That's not a problem.
    04-22-10 10:46 AM
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