1. DustinF00's Avatar
    OK, I have been diligently rolling to and from OS releases.

    Here is what I noticed;

    1. in .65 and then .75, if I charge the phone at night, it shows the lightning bolt in the morning
    2. in .83, .85 and now in .90 - in the morning, I see no lightning bolt.

    My feel is that something during the charge cycle is NOT setting it charge again... Those that understand the charging of a battery, know that while you charge, you check battery voltage and sometimes in smart batteries you also sense temp. and then go against a charge cycle to cap off the battery.

    I really suspect that after the phone has decided to charge the battery, its not checking again for external power after shutting down the charge cycle.

    I have no changed my habits, I go to bed around 1130pm-12am and am up at 7am I think its possible that I am catching the phone in a state that its not charging again while its powered externally and even tho it shows FULL battery on the indicator - its really been running for a little while.

    I don't have the time to break out an 'O-scope' and break out the battery in all this - but I was wondering if any one else can start to pay attention to the charge status and indicator of the phone after a nightly charge ?

    Does this make sense?
    01-26-09 10:04 PM
  2. bigredrandy's Avatar
    I've noticed, at least under .90, when the battery reaches 100%, the "bolt" goes away...
    01-26-09 10:06 PM
  3. howardb's Avatar
    I've not really paid that much attention but I've never shown any major changes in battery life from OS to OS. Maybe some minor changes that could be attributed to deltas in my usage but nothing that I could notice with out doing specific lab measurements.
    01-26-09 10:09 PM
  4. jjcampnr's Avatar
    I'm pretty sure this has always been the case, but I'm not positive. Once the battery hits 100% the charge (and bolt icon) turn off until it runs down a certain amount and cycles back on. Typically email and so forth die down at night so there's less going on in the background and the phone doesn't run down as much sitting idle.

    If you think it's a timing thing, try plugging it in an hour or two earlier before bed, see if that changes anything. My battery life on the last few releases has been great, nothing significantly different that I've noticed from .85 through .90.
    01-26-09 11:43 PM
  5. andrew3306's Avatar
    It has always been the case peeps....

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    01-26-09 11:52 PM