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    So I recently installed a few of the 3rd party apps from this site. I noticed that my battery life was being sapped very fast. Since I uninstalled the apps, my battery life is back to normal.

    The reason for the post is to ask if there is anyway for me to be able to tell what apps are using what resources while they are sitting idle? I'm not gonna list the apps, becuase I don't want them to get a bad name. It was however a small handful and they were all free apps. So I don't know if one was just running in the background or if something else was wrong.

    - Fanskar

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    03-05-09 12:48 PM
  2. bry360's Avatar
    One reason could be that the apps are running all the time. What you should do is on the home screen, hold down the blackberry button and it will show all of your apps that are still open. And close the ones your not using. But there are 5 that have to be open all the time which are:

    Phone, Messages, Browser, Blackberry Messenger and Home Screen

    When apps run all day, they drain the battery. You can also set your home screen to 4 icons and not 8 which is default. I've heard that works, but not sure if its completely true.
    03-06-09 01:35 AM