1. Jenners's Avatar
    I have had the Storm since January 05, 2009.
    I have been having issues with the battery charging.
    I can charge the battery for 10 hours and it barely lasts throughout the day.
    Currently, the battery will not charge. The storm keeps showing the white screen with the battery with the blue lightning bolt through it. I know this means it is charging, however it will not turn on. I have had this problem a few times now. I recently went into the Verizon store and had them replace the connectors. They also shipped me another battery which I installed 4 days ago. This has not resolved my problem. Has anyone else encountered this problem?
    What can I do now? I have read posts about turning down the brightness and have adjusted those settings. Are there any other tricks to slow down the battery drain? Any information would be greatly appreciated!
    Thank you!
    02-23-09 03:12 AM
  2. DecoyGSX's Avatar
    A day of use on my phone is about 2/5th. Do you find yourself a heavy user? I'd try to pin it on the battery, but it has been replaced. Do you charge with the wall charger or with USB?
    02-23-09 03:14 AM
  3. minhqn's Avatar
    OH MY GOD i have the same problem i feel so screwed right now
    02-23-09 03:20 AM
  4. DecoyGSX's Avatar
    I'd take it into the store, explain whats happening, have them try to charge it. If it fails, get a replacement.
    02-23-09 03:27 AM
  5. Pharaoh45's Avatar
    Some have expressed problems after installing poynt and weatherbug. I believe this is due to using gps all of the time. If you have these two programs installed, try uninstalling them and seeing if this helps your battery life.

    Hope this helps.
    02-23-09 09:13 AM
  6. Jenners's Avatar
    Thanks for your replies!

    I left the phone on the charger over night, and nothing! It still won't turn on...

    I use the wall charger most frequently. I occasionally use the car charger.
    I do not have weatherbug or poynt installed on my BB. I do not consider myself a heavy user. I am at work or school most of the day and don't have time to be on it all day!

    I think a trip up to Verizon is in order.
    02-23-09 11:51 AM
  7. Jenners's Avatar
    I just returned from the Verizon store.
    The woman who helped me had never heard of the charging problem I was encountering. Funny thing was, the woman at the next register over caught part of my conversation and apparently was having the same issues. After countless attempts at charging my storm, they decided to replace it completely.
    I had a manager exception (so it would not take 3 days to get shipped to my house) and walked out with my new storm today. I have my fingers crossed that this one won't let me down. It is my first run at having a blackberry and hope it can live up to all the hype now that my issue has hopefully been resolved. Thank you for all your comments.

    PS. Now that I have a NEW, NEW storm...what should I do to ensure that it is running properly? No lag, etc...
    02-23-09 05:24 PM
  8. weebabyrn's Avatar
    I am having battery issues too and I guess I need to go to VZW again. This is my second battery, I have had my phone 3 weeks.

    I charged my battery all night, so that it was full and the green light came on, so I knew the charge was complete. I went to a sporting event. My phone died within 6 hours of being turned on after a complete charge. I wasn't even on the phone a lot. I may have used the phone for an hour, the browser for 15 minutes, read my email, and sent a few texts. It was beyond frustrating to be at this event and not be able to take pictures or record my children. It was also frustrating not to be able to text my hubby to tell him how the girls did, or receive his texts about what he was doing. I wanted to take a video of the girls performing and send it to my husband since he couldn't be there.

    I am starting to think that it is my phone, the first battery would never get a complete charge, no matter how long I charged it.
    02-24-09 01:01 PM