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    This problem has caused alot of headaches for me. My Storm came with the .65 OS, which I upgraded to .75. It worked great, until I attempted to upgrade the OS again. Every time I upgrade (I've tried .83, .85, .87, .90, and .99), my battery get hot and dies within 6 hours. The only way to fix the problem is to perform a full wipe and load the .75 OS back on my Storm. It is definately not an issue with the battery because I had Verizon get me a new one.

    What should I do? Has anyone expirienced this problem? Should I look into getting a replacement phone, and if so, how would I justify needing a new unit? I can't say that the battery dies whenever I install a new beta OS. I would appreciate any information that anyone might have.
    02-02-09 08:20 AM