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    I charged my Storm last night for 8-10 hours so that should be enough to hold a full charge.

    I decided to click the "Visual Voice Mail" thing to see what it did, no more than an hour or so after waking up. It claimed it needed to set permissions like everything else, so I let it. When I went to hit back after viewing the permissions the screen goes black with the little "working" icon on screen. I figure maybe it's working on something so I let it be. I notice a few minutes later that nothing has changed. I click the screen and nothing happens. I give it a few more minutes, try again to no avail then try to turn it off. Again nothing happens.

    Eventually I get impatient and pull the battery for maybe 20-30 seconds. When I put it back in the red light flashes (well, on 10 or 15 seconds, off for about a minute, so not really flashing). The Storm won't reply to any buttons being pressed at all.

    I plug it into the charger, it eventually goes to a charging screen I'm unfamiliar with, a battery with the lightning bolt through it. After a few minutes I unplug it and hold the red button. It goes through the little square "working" icon, then eventually the white screen with the blue loading bar at the bottom. When it finally loaded to the main screen it told me the battery was drained too low and it was going to shut off, which it did immediately.

    I did the same thing again, but this time I plugged the charging cable back into it once it started loading. As of now, it looks like in the battery there is one half of a charging block. It responds to button presses and everything, but the main concern that the battery went from full charge to no charge in under an hour still persists. Is it possible that it got confused when i pulled the battery and it only simply *thinks* that the battery is dead, and has assigned the value of "dead" to 95% full charge?

    Any help or insight is much appreciated.
    12-11-08 03:36 PM