1. chavist's Avatar
    For the past two days I have had nothing but issues when installing leaked OS systems. I went down all the way back to the official .75 and still had issues. When I started troubleshooting the situation I noticed I had the same issues with each os and I thought "there has to be a common link." I retraced my steps and realized the only difference I have been doing lately is I began using CrackMem 3.3 to take out unnecessary applications. To test my theory I ran .99 without using CrackMem. I manually deleted the wallpapers and sample video. Eureka.....it was a success I have been running .99 successfully without any errors or lag in typing for about an hour.

    I am not sure if anyone else has experienced this but just wanted to put this out.

    Computer OS: Vista 64
    02-06-09 09:30 PM
  2. invelwell's Avatar
    I had the same problem seemed Crackmem was the problem.
    02-06-09 09:32 PM
  3. chavist's Avatar
    The concept behind the program is great; I am not sure what exactly happened.
    02-06-09 09:40 PM
  4. invelwell's Avatar
    Yea I had to dump the CrackMem altered .99 version, to many problems. I reloaded a full version w/o using crackmem and its running great.
    02-06-09 09:48 PM
  5. buckifvr's Avatar
    HMMMM. Interesting, I've used CrackMem on my last 3 OS upgrades (.85, .90, .99) without any issues. But I am using CrackMem 3.1
    02-06-09 10:21 PM
  6. FictionWeLive's Avatar
    im using newest version of crackmem (3.1). no issues here. used on .90 with a wipe and it sucked. but used again on .99 with a wipe and its great
    02-06-09 10:52 PM
  7. buckifvr's Avatar
    UH wrong the latest version is 3.3, which I have not downloaded or used yet. It just came out 1/21/2009
    02-06-09 10:56 PM
  8. blackBerry bOb's Avatar
    I used 3.3 for upgrading to .99 with no probs whatsoever.

    Perhaps the OP can give a little more info on what the issues were?
    02-07-09 09:46 AM
  9. chavist's Avatar
    I used 3.3 for upgrading to .99 with no probs whatsoever.

    Perhaps the OP can give a little more info on what the issues were?
    **Constant Freezing
    **Keyboard would not respond at all when using full, suretype, or multi keyboards
    ** Phone would not respond to touch, scrolling definetely not possible
    02-08-09 03:45 PM
  10. Dirt McGirt#CB's Avatar
    I thought crackmem was great when i used 3.1. you can remove unnecessary files and then do a complete wipe like JL_CMDR and install in a few easy steps (after backing up apps and profile). i did it with 3.3 for the last .99 upgrade and now my phone turns off in my pocket, completely off and will only respond to a batt pull. slacker lags tremendously and seems to freeze every few minutes, all in all its glitchy with only terminal freezes being bbm and slacker. no complaints since it is beta, just findings.
    02-08-09 04:11 PM
  11. blackBerry bOb's Avatar
    I don't think any of these issues have a bearing on CrackMem.

    If you review the files it moves out of the OS Java folder based on your requests (or even if you select ALL files to see what gets moved out), you'll see none are OS critical, although some have said not loading VAD can cause stability issues. I've never seen this happen myself (.75, .83. .85. .90, .99).

    I think Pete did an excellent job. I think more of us should throw a few paypal dollars his way.

    I think these issues go back to either an incorrect usage of the DM or Loader after CrackMem'ing, or more likely, that some 95xx's react oddly to different combo's of software installations. We've even seen variations in phone behavior with supposedly equal bare base OS installs.

    This surely doesn't help you guys any I know. Maybe you should review the files that are moved based on your selection, then put them back. Try moving them manually and see if you get the same results, or perhaps if you have the time try moving files/reloading in increments and look for a possible culprit.

    At the very least, Crackmem teaches us what files are associated with what app's/features are on the device.
    02-08-09 05:19 PM