1. Jonathan-Archer's Avatar
    So this was just plain weird.

    Last week I went on holiday in Turkey and my Storm connected to the Vodafone Turkey network. My phone kept crashing all the time, it simply rebooted out of itself. I started paying attention and I noticed some error screen (white background with text) and something about a Modem Error. Every time the phone rebooted and it connected and after a mere two or three minutes it rebooted (crashed) again. So I started to try and manually switch networks. It didn't work. Pulled the battery several times. Zip. I turned all the mobile connections off and magically my phone remained intact for the whole week.

    I returned home the other day and everything is fine again. WTF happened? Did anyone else ever experience forgeign crashes?
    06-08-10 05:36 AM
  2. fjl307's Avatar
    Sorry to hear you were having issues, that had to be irritiating being without a phone.
    Was this using the Verizon/Vodaphone SIM card provided with your phone? If so, Verizon can provide technical support...
    Or did you unlock your Storm and use a Vodaphone Turkey SIM?
    06-13-10 02:34 PM