1. sscamaro96's Avatar
    Dumb question time...

    When I back up my BB in DM, what exactly is it backing up? Settings? Contacts? System files?

    If anyone could provide the list of items that are included in the backup I would appreciate!
    06-02-09 12:09 PM
  2. djm1947's Avatar
    Backup under Backup/Restore will back up all device application data, including email, contacts etc. assuming you have the options selected. This will include restoring the placement of your icons, and your home screen background.

    You can go to Advanced under Backup/Restore and see everything that is included.

    But be aware, your third party apps themselves are NOT backed up by this process. You can find that process by searching or looking in the stickies at the top of the OS forum.
    06-02-09 12:33 PM