1. NerdBoss's Avatar
    after installing .109 i notice that when I listen to music(shuffle all songs) after each song the volume is automatically turn up to the max for the next track. this happens even when the equalizer is turned off

    anyone else having this issue.
    02-25-09 08:05 PM
  2. lvumlow's Avatar
    I have not experienced this... All songs stay at the set level?

    I have had problems with Video BT degrading but after your post, I started playing with Boost and EQ settings and that seems to have gone away - I will have to see what happens over more time but initially I could not get more than 20 secs of clear audio and now I have gone through a few complete song videos so maybe is can be fixed by re-configuring settings (fingers crossed)
    02-25-09 10:08 PM
  3. NerdBoss's Avatar
    thanks, i restarted the bb and i dont seems to have the issue anymore. i will keep testing just incase
    02-25-09 10:33 PM
  4. chavist's Avatar
    I have the opposite happen my music goes down

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    02-25-09 10:43 PM
  5. theplayer954305's Avatar
    No issues here dude...mine works really well since.103 and with BT
    02-25-09 11:35 PM
  6. th3s34n's Avatar
    I have the exact opposite, my music goes down to no volume and then when i hit the volume up key it jumps back to where it was.
    02-25-09 11:37 PM
  7. minigts's Avatar
    It can depend on the quality of the audio file as well. Some are recorded at different rates and "qualities" if you will. I'm not big on music, but I have songs that are just right, some that I have to turn the volume up on and what not. Maybe the files are different quality? Check on your computer to see if there is any information on the bit rate. My understanding is, the higher the rate, the better the quality.
    02-25-09 11:39 PM