1. Digital Dave's Avatar
    Recently I updated my OS to .517 with a Hybrid and although all my third party apps were properly restored many of them do not show up in the applications section of the options menu. Anyone experience this one and have a fix.
    05-11-10 12:27 AM
  2. z06mike's Avatar
    Are you sure ALL of your 3rd party apps were restored?
    05-11-10 12:55 AM
  3. Digital Dave's Avatar
    Yes they all were restored but the majority do not show in the applications third party section.

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    05-11-10 01:03 AM
  4. uncleman's Avatar
    Maybe I'm wrong but I think if they aren't in the options>apps screens, then they weren't restored. If you're talking about Facebook, Myspace, Bing, and other apps that VZ/RIM pushes to your BB, then you could be seeing icons for the apps that aren't actually the apps, but are links to download the apps.

    I had a similar prob when i upgraded to OOAK's 517/676 hybrid yesterday, in that a few of my apps didn't restore at all (facebook, ubertwitter, opera). I've upgraded OS's probably 20-25 times and this is the first time I've lost apps in the process. I even backed up my 3rd party apps using the "switch devices" section of DM and when I go to restore them, those apps are missing. Very strange. No huge deal though, since I just went and downloaded them fresh again.
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    05-11-10 09:13 AM