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    I have a Storm 1 that was an employees of mine that was having all kinds of problems with his Storm 1. My idea was to Wipe the Phone, which I did with no problems. However I was still getting all kinds of Exception errors with it so I took it to Verizon and asked them to wipe everything off the phone and reload the OS. They did but only took it up to 4.7.148. I asked why he didn't take it up to 5.0.328 and he told me he couldn't and that I would have to do it. No problem I have done 6 phone OS upgrades with no problems until now.

    Well I just had my first problem. About half way through it stopped and told me that the Application Loader did not restart and I am to disconnect the phone from DM and reconnect. I did this and it came back with the same error. Right now I have no phone. I have a Black screen with the clock showing up every so often, I have taken the battery out a couple of times, and DM will not connect to it. Does anyone have any ideas on how to get this phone back up and running? Your help would greatly be appreciated.

    Also before a bunch jump on me for not doing a search first, I did a search and could not find what I was looking for.

    Thank you in advance.
    07-01-10 08:01 PM