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    Am I missing something here? I got my storm last night and was super excited because I remembered seeing screenshots online of the application centre. I thought it would be like on my friends iPhones where they can go to their app store and there's hundreds of programs to download. I have Telus, and all it had was Facebook, MSN and a few others, all that were already installed. Is this just a feature still in the making or something? Not a huge deal but thought it would be different!
    01-29-09 08:15 AM
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    The Applications Store Front is a little different and it has not launched yet. It's expected around March.

    I googled it for you.....

    blackberry application center - Google Search
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    01-29-09 08:17 AM
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    The application center hasn't been launched yet.
    01-29-09 08:17 AM
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    The app center on your phone is a list of applications you can download easily through Verizon. The other posts about the online app center are correct BUT you can download an icon for the Crackberry app store from your wapforums.
    01-29-09 08:23 AM
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    I think everyone is mixing up their terminology.

    App Center is already out and on your Storm. It provides an easy way to install a few select apps (Google Talk, AIM, etc.)

    App Store will be released in March. It will allow purchasing of 3rd party apps. Currently, they are taking submissions that will be included in the store.
    01-29-09 08:28 AM
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    We do not know much about the plans for the 'app storefront' (this is just it's tentative name) except for what was told at BBDC. We do know that the app center and app storefront will be one entity. They announced that it is has a target march 09 release date. The app center will be controlled by your service provider. The main application screen will provide you with a list of all applications that are available for install from the particular carrier for the specific device model and OS version (It will not display incompatible apps). When looking at an application it will give you a full description and the logo for the specific app. You will be able to access the Options> Advanced Options> Applications screen from within the App center. For the first build, all downloads will be controlled by the browser. The way revenue will be dispersed is that 80% of revenue going back to the developer and the other 20% will be going to Paypal and RIM for infrastructure and administration.

    You can find out this and more by signing up for updates. They only sent me one update since November and it discussed what I mentioned here.


    Developers can sign up and register their apps here:

    BlackBerry - BlackBerry Application Storefront

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    01-29-09 09:29 AM