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    I have 5 BIS addresses configured on my Storm; 3 are AOL. As some of you are seeing, the AOL addresses are NOT working properly much of the time. If I send a message to all 5 addresses, maybe 1 or 2 of the AOL addresses actually get the message. Sometimes it will finally arrive hours later, sometimes it won't arrive until I send a message to myself first. it's like the messages were "stuck" and sending a message to myself pushed them out.

    I couldn't remember if this was ever a problem with my Curve so yesterday I switched everything back to the Curve... same problem! So it's NOT the Strom, that much I'm sure of. Something has changed on the AOL mail servers, or the connection TO the AOL mail servers FROM the BIS servers. But this is totally unacceptable. The MAIN functionality of a Blackberry is email and this is now so unreliable that it's almost not worth carrying around. I wrote a long email to AOL support detailing this whole issue and the steps I took in my own testing. I also let them know that I'm not an "average user." (I have designed and implemented Exchange/BES platforms for 20,000+ mailbox environments so hopefully they won't send back a canned response)

    I'll update this thread with anything else I find out, but don't waste your time resending service books, deleting and recreating BIS accounts etc., this will NOT help. And from what I can tell this is only happening with AOL. I have Hotmail, Yahoo, OWA, and a BES address that I used/tested with and they're all fine.

    If anyone else finds out anything else about this I'd love to know.
    01-01-09 11:06 AM
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    Thank you for stating this as I have been going nuts the last 48 hours or so trying to figure out why I am not getting my AOL e-mails. I also was having problems with SMS texts, but I assume the network was bogged down with New Years wishes, etc. That seems to be ok now, but still screwy with AOL. My work account (gmail) and my blackberry account seem fine. I can push AOL through my gmail account and that may be what I need to continue to do to get my AOL messages. You might want to try this as well.
    01-01-09 11:44 AM
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    I just now (at 5:45pm EST) got 6 AOL emails on my BB that actually arrived in my AOL mailbox at around 11am. I would just love to know that someone is aware that there IS a problem somewhere and is looking into it.
    01-01-09 04:49 PM
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    Update: I actually have a high-level Engineer on AOL's Messaging Team working with me. Initially they blamed the BIS servers, and of course RIM blamed the AOL servers. We're testing now. And of course I can't reproduce the problem now that I have to LOL. For the first time in weeks AOL mail is working perfectly.
    01-06-09 11:10 AM