1. royliao's Avatar
    I have my gmail and my work mail in separate accounts (through BESempower)...my gmail gets hit like crazy each day and I usually check these emails on my computer.

    As we know, gmail doesnt' have 2 day sync so my BB doesn't get rid of the new message status. i end up having to select all at the end of the day or so and mark them as opened.

    is there anyway to select all faster? i am currently using multitouch and then just scrolling to the very bottom. or better yet, is there anyway for gmail to mark opened at the end of every day or any other type of scheduling?
    02-24-09 05:09 PM
  2. kokuryuha's Avatar
    If you select the date marker at the top you can hit menu and go to Mark All Prior Opened.
    02-24-09 06:08 PM