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    I noticed my lock key not working like it should have worked ever since I installed .86. I'd have to press it multiple times for it to register. Now it has gotten to the point where the lock button didn't work at all. As of last week it started working again, it would lock on the first press but pressing it again to unlock was like a 1 in 10 kinda thing. Usually it ended up relocking.

    I installed some new themes and noticed drastic problems with my phone now.
    1. OS lag. Going through screens takes soo long now.
    2. Very low starting memory. After a battery pull i was only at 29MB.
    3. Something I just noticed earlier today, I plugged my charger in and it freaks out. Lock, unlock, lock, unlock, lock, unlock. Over and over until I do a battery pull.

    I'm just gonna delete the themes off and see if it works better.

    Anyone having similar problems? Worked normally on .75 but I like the improvements in the leaked os's. Unfortunately I left my usb cable at home so I'm gonna have to deal with it for 2 more weeks .

    Edit: Also, Viigo used to work fine. Now it locks up on certain screens. I can hit the escape key or click again to change the screen but it bypasses the one that should be up. Like choosing which RSS feed I want to read. I usually jump into a random one because of that.
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    None of what you are using is complete lol

    Storm OS
    02-16-09 09:52 PM
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    i think it's the cracked software i've been running cracked software the whole time i owned the phone and today i decided to put .75 back on and i'm not really having too many problems anymore. Give it a try and see if it helps out.....
    02-16-09 10:24 PM
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    The only odd thing to happen to my Storm is that yesterday my phone was receiving a call, but I could not answer it. The phone just continually played my incoming call song. This lasted for 5 minutes, with a frozen screen, stuck in BBM. I had to do a battery pull to stop the ringing.

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