02-17-09 08:51 PM
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  1. advsr11's Avatar
    Use primarily for business. Sync with outlook 03, push email works very well, document review using word and adobe. Came from winmo - huge improvement.
    02-06-09 09:55 AM
  2. StevenG's Avatar
    Use it for business and pleasure... Not to mention it is great for showing off work on the fly... Especially useful when you get into a situation such as an elevator pitch and you could whip it out and show some work
    02-06-09 09:56 AM
  3. revslg's Avatar
    I'm using mine for work everyday. I sync with Outlook 2007 without incident. I haven't even had problems syncing with my laptop that is running Windows 7 and Outlook 2007.
    02-06-09 09:57 AM
  4. mdwrench's Avatar
    I use mine for bus. as well.
    I do use moodio radio as I am out of the shop working on trucks in the building.
    Only app that I have on the phone right now is softrest. Thats because I keep the storm in a holder.
    I have not added anymore games on it. Did not get the phone to play games.
    I do use office 07 which I have on the home computer and office 2000 which work uses (one day they will upgrade, maybe). Only problem with the phone that I the repcietion from time to time.
    02-06-09 10:15 AM
  5. leathernuts#WP's Avatar
    I dont have to ever connect to my PC to Sync. Heres how mine is set up:

    From ACT, I use a one way sync to update my outlook with ACT appts. (i dont sync ACT contacts, did once, but having over 2,000 contacts on my BB was ridiculous).

    Then my oulook is set on a 2 way sync with Google Calender. Again, appts only. No contacts. The contacts sync seems to be slow.

    My storm has google sync, so it sync 2 way with my google calender. I have tested and whether the appt is entered in ACT, Outlook, Google Cal, or my Storm, they all appear. Im finding Im using the Google Calender more now when Im at my desk, being able to just leave my inbox open on outlook. So outlook is basically just being used as a wireless conduit for my Act and outlook activities to my Storm.

    As far as contacts, that is the only one I sync manually directly to outlook, if I make a change. But in my case, that is not every day.

    As far as memos and to dos, I use todomatrix and ideamatrix. Awwesome programs.

    I notice alot of people classify "business" as emails and phone. I use mine for so much more. Problay too much, because if I lost it, or left it at home, Id be lost. At the Gym I use Gymtechnik to keep track of my Hugeness () and workout along with listening to music. I use ascendo money to keep track of finances. The camera is great when Im doing pre bid meeting or job site meetings.

    I wish there was a way to sync excel files through dataviz like there was with my treo. I have certain logs that are updated daily, so if anyone knows of a way, let me know.

    Ascendo datavault is another tool I use for all my sensitive info, but is with me at all times.

    Last but not least, email is obvious and phone.
    02-06-09 10:29 AM
  6. LoveTheBerry's Avatar
    WOW,..Not a single complaint!!! I'm sold. Thanks again.
    02-06-09 03:36 PM
  7. priv8investig8r's Avatar
    Strictly business. The Storm and my car are essentially my office..

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    02-06-09 05:04 PM
  8. dmarks83's Avatar
    I intended using the phone for personal use but loved it that much i have set up 3 websites relating to it and another big project on the way. So it has become a major work tool. God bless RIM lol
    02-06-09 05:08 PM
  9. Grandlakeokie's Avatar
    Fantastic for work but can take over your life.
    02-06-09 08:12 PM
  10. StevenG's Avatar
    Fantastic for work but can take over your life.
    This is true... It's the equivalent to CRACK! lol
    02-06-09 08:14 PM
  11. chiefvelo's Avatar
    I am and Act user and have been syncing ACT via Companionlink Sync for several years. I used it with several palms and the 8830 and the storm. The sync is solid but the BB has always been a lot slower than my Palm was on the same set up for some reason.
    02-06-09 08:21 PM
  12. ellisz's Avatar
    Can someone explain or point me in the right direction to getting your work email through OWA and an ISA server? Ii makes me mad that all the Iphone people in the office can do it but my BB cannot. I cannot even use the browser to check my mail as I get expired certificate notices over and over. My home machine does fine and I synced all my certificates.

    I have tried many combinations on the VZW blackberry email setup and cannot get it to work.

    02-17-09 08:06 PM
  13. Dragon_Rider's Avatar
    BES connected email along with a personal account that feeds to the desktop folder.

    Calendar is synced through BES exchange server.

    I use Docs to Go along with a PDF reader.

    I receive and send well over 100 emails each day.

    Only use it for 10-25 short phone calls each day.

    My secretary SMS me if I am needed in other parts of the building. My new BB lets me move around and get out of my office more than ever before.
    02-17-09 08:51 PM
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