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    Has anyone tried the 1.0 "Bold" version of SlingPlayer Mobile on their storm? I saw that they added Curve 8900 (which has the same 480x360 screen res as the Storm) compatibility with the 1.0 release, so I spoofed the user agent as the 8900 when going to mobile.slingmedia.com and found that 8900 users are provided a link to download the Bold version. I figured maybe it would work better (i.e use more screen real estate) than the pearl/8300 curve version we have gotten to work on the Storm. The old beta "Bold" version would not startup on the Storm with or without compatibility mode on, but Sling wasn't supporting the Curve 8900 in that release either, so maybe there's hope .

    I would try myself but I'm waiting for a replacement Storm to arrive.

    Here's the link if anyone wants to try:

    03-28-09 11:41 PM
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    Doesn't work for me.

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    03-28-09 11:52 PM