1. aem815's Avatar
    so i downloaded the 2.0 application, and i have some problems that i tried emailing support for but i might as well see if anyone knows how to fix them.

    1. the only way to put the phone on complete silent mode (no ring or vibrate) is to shut off the application?

    2. the application is buggy in that it's not touchscreen...the scrollbar on the side is the only thing to click and it doesn't work very well. any ideas?

    3. it only rings and vibrates at the same time for calls...but not text messages? how do i fix that?

    12-12-08 10:20 PM
  2. Stang68's Avatar
    I believe it only works for phone calls. I have this on my Storm as well and am not 100% sure it works totally properly.
    12-12-08 10:34 PM