1. Accidental Post's Avatar
    Just had my wife call my Storm and with Visual VM you get an option to send a fax.......
    11-23-08 11:51 AM
  2. blopez24's Avatar
    how bout you try it and let us know how it goes and works?
    11-23-08 12:00 PM
  3. andy343858's Avatar
    i'd like to know how you can send a fax and if it works
    11-23-08 12:03 PM
  4. loudsystem's Avatar
    i just sent my phone a fax.. it received it then this popped up

    i pressed the call and it just dialed my phone number. i had to put in my VM password.. it said i have a new fax message.. but basically it gave me the option to save it or forward it to another fax
    11-23-08 12:21 PM
  5. dhendriksen's Avatar
    So I wonder what would happen if you answered when the fax came in?

    Did your wife have to listen and press a key for the fax to go through, or did it automatically sense it was a fax?

    I'm just trying to figure out if this is actually something that is usable or if it is just a waste because it is too much effort.

    Thanks for being the "test rat".
    11-23-08 12:54 PM