11-23-08 11:14 PM
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  1. teaguem32's Avatar
    Yeah, mine is working fine as well. Only real complaint is the camera lag when taking a pic it is really s long one. But otherwise I love it.

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    11-23-08 09:10 PM
  2. armedtank's Avatar
    No issues here, just had a BB messenger session, getting better and better at typing! I am in love, my wife is threatening to take it away from me!!
    Yours too

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    11-23-08 09:13 PM
  3. toastyz71's Avatar
    Going pretty well for my wife and I. Few freezes, but only momentarily at that.

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    11-23-08 09:14 PM
  4. kittiesplay's Avatar
    I'm having a gret time, there are somethings i'm trying to but don't how but thats a a PICNIC problem not the phone

    PICNIC- Problem in chair not in computer
    11-23-08 09:15 PM
  5. kittiesplay's Avatar
    I'm having a gret time, there are somethings i'm trying to but don't how but thats a a PICNIC problem not the phone

    PICNIC= Problem in chair not in computer
    11-23-08 09:16 PM
  6. jbjtkbw007's Avatar
    Got mine yesterday shortly after 10 am. Did a full charge first. Started customizing it and set up 4 emails accounts on it. Noticed the screen not always rotating, but was easily corrected by power off and on.

    Now officially around the 36 hour mark. Can't put the thing down really. Performed my first battery pull today, and it did speed things up. Created my own wallpaper for it and uploaded The Hulk and the full version of Babylon A.D. to it. Both are beautiful.

    I think I may need Dr. Drew to open up a BB rehab. I can't stop. I haven't even opened my Outlook on my pc as I'm checking all of my email on here now. I've been able to do that before on other phones, but it's different on the Storm. I can't explain it.
    11-23-08 09:17 PM
  7. DJH's Avatar
    I got mine Friday morning from Best Buy and mostly it has been a learning curve for me. I am pretty decent now with the typing and suretype has come to me much better after a few days. I followed the advice of one poster and did a complete reinstall of .65 through the app loader, actually removing the eastern asian language. Took a little bit, but in the end it was a bit quicker and a lot less lag. Not sure why, but it did. It was very simple too.

    One gripe that I wish could be fixed (if I'm missing it, post up) is that when I go into the help menu for certain items, i can click on what I am trying to because it's too small and I can't zoom in on the choices. Kinda sucks. This is one area where I'd like to see a hard select button somewhere. I can highlight it but once I try to click it I get something else.

    Other than that, LOVE IT and waiting for the simple fixes.
    11-23-08 09:18 PM
  8. armedtank's Avatar
    I would love an on screen refresh button for the browser. Blackberry key--> refresh is not a lot of steps, but a shortcut would be better.

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    11-23-08 09:25 PM
  9. 96WX3's Avatar
    i am curious to see how many storms have been sold so far!
    I was at the Verizon store today to try the storm for the first time. Salesman thought they had sold 300,000 nationwide, he checked and said it was right around 1 Million.

    I played with it for 10 minutes. I need to go back and play with it some more, but I think I will probably get one in the next few weeks.
    11-23-08 09:25 PM
  10. hw_9-5's Avatar
    besides a little lag and the battery life not being so great, im loving the thing
    11-23-08 09:29 PM
  11. 3083joe's Avatar
    I had a few problems at first but they seem to be going away, Its almost like the phone is learning and beginning to anticipate what I'm going to do. or maybe I'm crazy
    11-23-08 09:31 PM
  12. rob198's Avatar
    this phone's cool, no probs...except it doesn't always want to take pix, but oh well...
    11-23-08 09:33 PM
  13. dbK's Avatar
    Ditto, enjoying the device and getting better at typing. My screen moves ever so slightly but not enough to make a big deal out of. I think the worst lag I have is with trying to open word mole haha.

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    11-23-08 09:38 PM
  14. thn7530's Avatar
    No problemo .... it was worth the wait on line (6 hours)
    11-23-08 09:56 PM
  15. fonebrkr's Avatar
    Pleasantly suprised today, played with my storm off and on at work all day today, came home with 45% battery left, got called back in, dropped it for the first time, busted my clear plastic case, not a scratch or dent, knock on wood...
    no hangs, no freezes....
    11-23-08 09:56 PM
  16. Jutt's Avatar
    Not to hijack the thread, but anybody have an issue with there being no sms alert tone when the phone is locked? I noticed it on Friday.. hoping that it's a widespread issue and not just my phone. Everything else is PERFECT!!
    11-23-08 10:08 PM
  17. davemathbn's Avatar
    No major issues here! Do i notice a couple bugs here and there? SURE! Is that something that can EASILY be fixed by a software upgrade? ABSOLUTELY!

    So why sweat it??? I'm just glad my Storm works 10x better than the iPhone did when it first came out!! hehehehe
    11-23-08 10:09 PM
  18. decarlo4's Avatar
    I love my storm. I haven't had any of the problems I hear about in some of the threads. I did try to watch a video on youtube that wasn't clear not sure if it was the video or maybe my device. I haven't watched any other videos so I'm not sure.

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    11-23-08 10:09 PM
  19. drumzalicious's Avatar
    I have yet to truly have an issue with my storm. sometimes it would not switch from landscape to portrait but that was fixed via a suggestion by someone to make sure its angled.

    other than that i think alot of people are complaining about them and not liking them because they either played with one in the verizon store that had all the programs running at the same time for the whole day. or they just havent spent quality time with it to go through and change some of the options and some of the sensitivities of the screen and such.

    Me personally i look at it like a relationship. You dont meet someone and automatically expect that they will understand you and you will understand them you have to put in some work to get to know each other first and then thats when things start running smoothly
    11-23-08 10:14 PM
  20. hannibal68853's Avatar
    No problems here I love it, I think the thing that people are missing is that its a phone and nothing is perfect. "OMG its takes one second for the screen to switch, I think I will hit something"

    Everyone needs to relax, bad batches are always there. I remember when the original Xbox came out and like 1 out of 2 had problems. I think it will all be ok
    11-23-08 10:37 PM
  21. AvusAndy's Avatar
    the only problem and a serious one for me is that my bluetooth isnt as clear as it was on my pearl..
    11-23-08 10:56 PM
  22. kris with a k's Avatar
    after messing with it for 3 straight days, i finally got everything figured out and its running smoothlyyy. i was even pretty good sat night texting after having a few to many drinks, so im moving along well with the keyboard. basically no lag anymore. anyone that returned this after 1 day didnt give it enough time. only problem i have now is the GF yelling at me that i wont put it down
    11-23-08 11:06 PM
  23. Ultrafied's Avatar
    My wife and I both like ours. Even from day 1, I knew that this phone was a good purchase for us. Perfect, not even close, but I have never had a perfect phone yet!
    11-23-08 11:14 PM
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