1. Rev0lver's Avatar

    I think that the icons and display information take up a lot more space than warranted. Don't get me wrong, it could most definitely be A LOT worse as the transparency helps it's case. I just think the icons are a bit too large and am hoping for the option of reducing the number of icons to one row or having a minimalist mode of sorts. I don't even think it's a matter of the resolution, either...maybe theres different modes for smaller icons/text for people who have a bit more trouble seeing?

    Maybe they're planning something in that the icons disappear after a while of inactivity/the phone is locked a la the iPhone? It's not a make-or-break deal and I think it'd be incredibly asinine for anyone to have it be as such. The devil is in the details, though.
    09-29-08 12:43 AM
  2. mahen915's Avatar
    I feel very comfortable that customization will be a HUGE thing on this device. Therefore, the homescreen should be how we want it to be. Customization is something consumers demand and is very commonplace; I just don't see RIM not allowing something as trivial as this.

    Edit: BTW, I do wish it was a little bit less cluttered. But I think we can fix that. These promo picture are meant to highlight the Storms features, thus icons that do exactly that
    09-29-08 01:09 AM
  3. Stang68's Avatar
    I believe there are pictures of the phone with only 4 icons on the homescreen.

    Here it is:
    09-29-08 01:15 AM
  4. Rev0lver's Avatar
    Nice find! That's a whole lot better IMO.
    09-29-08 01:18 AM
  5. boubou's Avatar
    case closed!
    09-29-08 01:30 AM