1. NTD's Avatar
    They called me and told me that they were experiencing problems with some SIM cards and were mailing out replacements in advance.

    I didn't think much of it but then realized no one here had mentioned it (unless i missed it, being a noob)

    Anyone else experience this?
    01-28-09 10:23 PM
  2. y2bandit's Avatar
    Never heard this. Never got a call.
    01-28-09 10:27 PM
  3. ArmaK's Avatar
    I've had the storm since launch day without any problems with the sim card. I read a thread the other day in which people on other networks said that they needed to get a newer type of sim card since their older sim cards weren't working but haven't heard anything about verizon doing this. If they are doing this, I hope they notify those of us that bought the storm on the first day along with or before everyone else.

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    01-28-09 10:49 PM
  4. extremecyst's Avatar
    Yes, VZW once called me about my wife's Storm and I received the new card a few days later. I actually didn't bother with installing it for a while, but then I realized that it may help with relatively frequent "Error 523(?)" crashes on her phone. Guess what, there was not a single error like that afterwards! She is running .86 at the moment.
    01-28-09 11:11 PM
  5. xaronax's Avatar
    Most of the SIM problems are a hardware problem. The screen is sitting on the big button assembly in the middle of the phone, and some people press too hard or have a poorly assembled phone, which flexes the sim card in the back of the phone, pushing it off of the contacts. I was getting SIM card rejection errors left and right on my first storm, but after trading it in, no probs at all.
    01-28-09 11:29 PM
  6. whtthefink's Avatar
    yea i posted a thread on this 2days ago, last reply was wed. early morning!
    01-29-09 12:53 AM