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    Yep, I must have spent upwards of about 30 hours researching the storm since it came out until Fri. the 26th of December. Read hundreds of posts on this forum. I read about all the hardware and software woes some were having. But still, I decided to take a chance and buy one. Walked on impulse to a local Verizon store which less than two weeks ago did not have any in stock (Clearwater, FL). Sure enough, they just got a new shipment in at noon that day.

    I was surprised how easy it was for me to navigate and get around the OS. Sure there are still a lot of options that I don't know what they do. But if I need to change something, I know how to do it. I love how well this handles email on multiple accounts. The browser is ok. No flash though . But I see some significant negatives:

    1. The 'call' and 'hang-up' buttons are the shoddiest mechanical engineering I have ever seen in an electronics gadget. Mine are flimsy. I can tip the send button on one corner and see the LED underneath. I know some have complained about this. Do I have a defective unit? Or do others also have some degree of looseness on these keys? I predict my send button will fall off within 60 days.

    2. Low amount of application memory. 42MBytes? In this day and age when memory is so darn cheap, RIM couldn't add more to make 128 MB available for applications? I've downloaded a dozen or so apps and put them all in the applications folder. After a battery pull, I'm starting off with 32MB available. No apps are running in the background other than the default BB ones. I foresee this issue causing problems for everyone when Blackberry's app store comes online in 3/2009. People are going to be swapping out apps because they can't keep them all without using up all their application memory. Hopefully I wrong about this.

    3. Does anyone think that maybe the processor is not powerful enough to handle this OS? That's just the feeling I get when I slide the home screen up and down and looking at full color photos. It isn't exactly smooth like the ipod touch/iphone. Hopefully I'm wrong and/or future OS releases make it smoother.

    4. The gap around the screen which everyone already knows about. It doesn't take a gap or tolerance that large to allow the screen to click.

    5. 65K color screen. Full color photos don't look that great. This is minor though.

    That's about it. I'm going to end up keeping the phone unless something breaks like the call button. What's the manufacturer's warranty period on these phones?

    12-28-08 10:27 PM
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    Man this post looks so familiar....

    You should check out the Rants and Raves topic in the subforum.

    12-28-08 10:41 PM