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    O.K. - First I did search and I didn't find anything that answered my question (or if I did I didn't understand it *L*)

    I don't care if the solution to this issue is 1 calendar, 2 calendars, several calendars, etc. I also wouldn't mind paying for a solution provided it does what I want it to.

    What I need (want) is to have my BB & the Mrs. BB (both storms) sync'ed such that we both have all the same appointments on both devices so we can keep up with each others (crazy) work schedules. This should be handled automaticlly and OTA - no manual syncing and no 3rd device (i.e. a PC)

    I know the "quick-n-dirty" solution would be to synch both to the same google calendar w/ google sync (and that's what I may end up doing) but I would REALLY also like to somehow color code these to make them slightly easier to tell apart at a glance but if I can't then we can always start the subject with a letter code or something.

    Any solutions or suggestions from those who have "Been there - Done That" are greatly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance.
    01-07-09 09:41 AM
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    you can create an AOL account, use the aol sync service to keep your aol and bb calendar in sync, and both of you set up that aol account on your bb.
    01-07-09 09:45 AM
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    Are you using Outlook for calendaring? Also, are you using BIS or BES?

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    01-07-09 09:51 AM
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    Are you using Outlook for calendaring? Also, are you using BIS or BES?

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    Sorry - Didn't think to add that.

    BIS for both.

    I used to use Outlook - manually putting in all schedule info and then synced that to a Dell Axim (with Pocket Informant from Web IS - currently trying to figure out the BB version) which worked out great for me (but only me) - one of the reasons we both upgraded to BB's was so that we could sync calendars and keep up with each other.

    I can stand the default BB Interface (would still like some sort of Today theme that puts an Agenda view right on the screen w/o having to open anything though) - and as said before I can even live without colors if I had too but I really don't want to *L*

    Thanks again.
    01-07-09 12:03 PM
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    ** BUMP **
    All the way to page 9 overnight - wow.

    Currently testing Google Sync on both devices w/ 1 shared calendar - but still open to other / better suggestions (as well as the issue of colors).

    01-08-09 07:29 AM
  6. elvisthepyro's Avatar
    if you setup more than one email account on ur bberry then it will color code the different accounts appoinments in ur calender for you. I'm sure u can use a little common sense as far as how to use this to ur advantage, but remeber it color codes based on the email account it's associated with. As far as having ur bberry synched with the wife- the solution I use is that everytime I enter a new appoinment in my phone, that I want her to also have in hers, I invite the wife as an attendee. Then it's in both ur phones!
    01-08-09 08:55 AM
  7. Bobina's Avatar
    When I invite attendee, the time of the appointment doesn't show up in the email to my husband nor is there an option to add it to his calendar. He has the same problem visa versa. Can anyone help?
    03-03-09 01:57 AM
  8. kokuryuha's Avatar
    You could look into the Blackberry Unite! software, but it does require a pc to be running to do the coordination and such. Also it may require a BES-like description, and IIRC, alot of people didn't like it when it came out.
    03-03-09 01:59 AM