07-01-10 01:48 PM
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  1. Siny304's Avatar
    I was going to upgrade to the S2. But I myself like the Official OS upgrades so the appeal of OS6 is whats keeping me. I am a loyalists and will stay with RIM/Blackberry especially the Storm brand. I love the touchscreen, yes I have to reset the phone once a day due to lack of memory. But hopefully that will change with the S3.

    I can wait. My S1 is still working not a problem here. Only problem is the memory cant be expanded. But if it could none would ever buy a new phone they would just upgrade available memory and RIM would lose out.

    I'm waiting for the S3............... But the IPHONE4 is there looking at me. LMAO
    06-30-10 10:22 AM
  2. Jzic2's Avatar
    I can't see anyway that the Storm 3 will be in any shape or measure equivalent to the new I PHONE4. I am going to cash in my insurance for the $80.00 cause my stupid buttons popped off on my storm 1 and I'm holding it down by tape. May be able to get a replacement for free, I have conflicting accounts from two verizon stores, one said they would be able to replace for free that it's a hardware malfunction and the other said I would have to pay and then I'm going to sit back and wait. I think though it's been long enough and I may just switch over to the IPHONE. I also hope that the IPHONE4 will have backup asst so I don't have to enter all my data again.
    06-30-10 12:12 PM
  3. 18blueberry's Avatar
    I love my storm 1 but by now its a little to last gen with what android and iphone have, but im also a loyalist and i do want the storm 2 but now that salomondrin leaked early specs on the storm 3 im gonna wait for that because its gonna have a 1gz processor and a custom os not os 6.0 and LTE, so it sounds like a really good phone and a serious competitor to the current smartphones.
    06-30-10 02:51 PM
  4. AllenRulz's Avatar
    Nope, no official word on the Storm3. Right now all we have are a few rumors and lots of speculation and hoping. There is a good chance that there will be a Storm3, but no one is talking about when that might actually be (other than the rumors and speculation of course).

    As far as your upgrade goes...nope, you can use it anytime after it's up. It's not a use it or loose it type of deal.
    Awesome, thank you for the help. Makes me feel good that I can sit there and wait for a good phone knowing if I find one, I can upgrade right then and there lol.
    06-30-10 03:13 PM
  5. pinoiryder's Avatar
    whose the carrier that will release the S3?
    06-30-10 06:23 PM
  6. ademidio453's Avatar
    verizon will be releasing it.

    And im waiting for S3 which i heard will be being released between july and september from a blackberry rep..he said it was suppose to be released before the new bold but it got pushed back...lets hope it comes out soon
    07-01-10 04:04 AM
  7. stsurbrook's Avatar

    I only wish that the S3 would come out in the July-Sept. time frame! I think we will be lucky to get official information on it by then.

    I may be able to suffer along with my S1 until Sept., but I doubt I will have the patience to go past then. By that time the info on the Moto "Droid Pro" (or whatever they are going to call their DroidX follow up phone) should be out. If RIM doesn't have any info by then, I'm gone.

    It's killing me that they can't/won't clean up the 5.x code enough to at least stop the memory leaks and give us S1 users a BIT of a break on memory. To get by until Sept (rather than July 15), I'm going to have to try lyricidal's .419 hybrid and shrink the OS.

    I've been avoiding this because I'm worried about support from VZW if I have a real problem. BUT I don't see any alternative as my S1 is getting so slow now that it sometimes won't work as a PHONE AND I start missing calls.

    I have 7 games, the full Documents To Go, PDF To Go, MobiPocket Reader, deProcMan (Memory management), VZ Nav, and Lookout Mobile. Most of these are "necessary" (games for keeping the kids quiet, Docs to Go-self explanatory, mobipocket as an ebook reader, Lookout for backup/finding my phone for those few times its fallen out of my pocket).

    I'd like to have many more apps. I'm constantly having to decide what to keep and what to drop. This week, it looks like the kids are going to get shafted. But I should note that I'm not talking about the Sims, WOW, or anything complicated. Rather solitaire, mahjong, Bejeweled, Dogz 2, and default games. The default games are the next to go.

    OK, enough b*tching about RIM selling a sow's ear as a silk purse. I just hope the S3 is the silk purse we all hope it is and is available soon...

    07-01-10 01:36 PM
  8. BB.girl92's Avatar
    I am probably going to upgrade to the 9550. Who knows how long RIM is gonna take to come up with a Storm 3! But I am definitely a Storm user for life!!
    07-01-10 01:48 PM
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