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    Sorry if this gets confusing, I'm going to try to explain:

    This is my first blackberry so I'm trying to get used to the setup. I went into Media Manager on the storm and started exploring to delete the sample pictures. I must have deleted more than I wanted to because I do not seem to have any ringtones anymore, the only noise my phone makes for anything is a 3 tone quick beep. It still shows all the ringtone and alert names, only nothing plays.

    I tried a restore but I am starting to think blackberry restores only do the databases, not the actual files maybe?

    I called Verizon this morning and they want me to bring the phone into a store. I just needed (I think) them to send me the default ringtones so I can put them back on the phone.

    Does anyone know:

    1) Where I can find the original ringtones? (or can someone send them to me?)
    2) Which folder to put them in?


    3) If there is another problem that is the reason for no ringtones playing anymore?

    Thanks - this is really driving me crazy!

    11-23-08 10:32 AM
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    Got this fixed now after talking to 3 verizon reps. The first two said it couldn't be done and I would need to wait 2-4 weeks until they had stock to give me a replacement, the 3rd was awesome and we finally got my device reset after almost 2 hours.

    If anyone else is having this problem, it requires reinstalling the original OS from the desktop manager but going first into options and prompting to clear and wipe all the data from the device first (2 checkboxes need to be checked).

    If anyone has this problem in the future, feel free to PM me!
    11-23-08 03:16 PM