1. wmscottmc's Avatar
    Im looking for an app to remind me when Ive missed an appt. Ive looked at blackberry alerts, but it doesnt look like it work with calendar appts. What I am looking for would play an alert if an appt is missed, for example it would ring every minute for 10 min.

    Does anybody know of an app that would do this?

    12-24-08 10:14 PM
  2. Stang68's Avatar
    I have been looking for something like that since I got my first BB back in May, and I have been unsuccessful. There was an app I had that was SUPPOSED to give a reminder after a text or calendar went off, but I never got it to work. It was ****ty on my Curve and will definitely be ****tier on my Storm. Sorry, dude, I'm in the same boat as you.
    12-25-08 12:52 AM
  3. Rooster99's Avatar
    Blackberry Alerts will do this with Appointments.

    - R.
    02-17-09 01:02 AM