1. Jelly Donuts's Avatar
    I have searched all over for the answer to this and have yet to find it.

    I plug my phone in at night but constantly get woken up by email alerts. I want the phone to ring if someone calls but is there a setting that I can use for certain times of the night (i.e. no alerts from midnight until 6 am) kind of thing?

    Or do I have to change the alert settings each time and every night?

    02-09-09 11:52 PM
  2. JRSCCivic98's Avatar
    Set your active profile to Phone Only or to Silent.

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    02-09-09 11:56 PM
  3. IowaGuyBB's Avatar
    Hmm good question...I'm a deep sleeper lucky...I set the phone to bed side mode.

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    02-09-09 11:56 PM
  4. sikpupi's Avatar
    I spent a few minutes creating a "sleep time" custom sound profile that does nothing more than cause the LED to flash - unless a call comes in.

    It's worth taking the time, and makes sleep a lot smoother I figure if work is emailing me at 3am then it ain't urgent unless the pick the handset up and dial
    02-09-09 11:58 PM
  5. Acid's Avatar
    Here is what you wanna do.

    Select any profile you want in the sound section.

    Then go into your advanced, and edit every third party app, txt msg, etc. to only show the red LED light blink when you get a message.

    I have mine set up like this, and the only noise i get is when my phone rings or my alarm. and you can still see if you have any alerts, because the red LED lights up.

    Works beautifuly
    02-09-09 11:59 PM
  6. Jelly Donuts's Avatar
    What does the bedside mode do exactly? I just plug my phone in right now without changing anything...
    02-10-09 12:00 AM
  7. sikpupi's Avatar
    From what I can see, bedside mode keeps the screen on and dims it a bit.

    I don't have mine plugged in overnight though so I don't engage bedside mode.. I just let the screen dim to black. Figure if I'm asleep, who cares what the time is
    02-10-09 12:03 AM
  8. smuvop's Avatar
    on your home screen, in the top left corner is your volume icon click on that, then you'll get a list of volume settings. There look at the bottom 2 icons and either select; " phone calls only(active)" or " all alerts off "
    02-10-09 01:57 AM
  9. NickyParsons's Avatar
    Phone Calls Only.

    I believe the LED doesn't even blink in that mode.
    02-10-09 06:53 AM
  10. swong13's Avatar
    I believe that the OP knows about Phone Calls Only mode. The question appears to be if there is a way to schedule the Storm to go into Phone Calls Only mode from midnight to 6:00am without doing it manually every night. That would be a nice feature.

    02-10-09 01:13 PM
  11. Habious's Avatar
    Profiler from Toysoft should do what you need. It's $9.95 though.

    I don't work for them...don't know them...and don't yet use this app but, I've been looking at it and am considering it. They just released a Storm version of it. OTA Link

    "Automate profile switching with Profiler. Schedule profile switching during the day. Integrate with Calendar application."


    - Support up to 16 scheduled profiles
    - Start and end time for each profile
    - Supports Custom profiles
    - Selective days to activate profile
    - Integrated with Calendar application with Keyword feature
    - Assign Profile when the device is charging
    - Optionally vibrate when device is in Holster
    - Optionally vibrate when keyboard is locked
    - Schedule Profile from the Calendar application
    - Very easy to use
    02-10-09 01:20 PM
  12. mad-dog74's Avatar
    I too, created a bedtime profile that I use. I have my e-mails silenced, but my phone calls and texts (which I sometimes get being on-call) set to a low volume that I can hear without hearing. When I am not on call, I usually set the phone to silent.
    02-10-09 01:28 PM
  13. swong13's Avatar
    Thanks for the referral to Profile, Habious. I try to set my Storm to Phone Only at night but occasionally I would forget. My wife would let me know that my email notifier woke her up during the night (I slept through it). Now, I do not need to remember to change the setting since Profiler does it automatically. The $9 was worth it to keep my wife happy.

    02-11-09 12:51 PM