1. Rob K.'s Avatar
    I've searched thru the forums for some time and can't find the answer to this one so here goes:

    I'd like my storm to have a reminder vibrate mode and am looking for an app to do this. I already have vibe/ring but I want to be reminded 10-15 minutes later ad infinitum until I finally feel it vibe!

    Aerize does not offer this per the company tech support. I tried e mobile alerts and maybe I just stink but I couldn't deal with installing it and it kept making the most bizarre noises and didn't really seem to work whether it was or wasn't in compatability mode....

    I didn't try bbymel but from what I've read here this doesn't remind you after a while either.

    So, is there anyone who knows of an app to make my phone vibe later, after a period of time, like my old dumb phone used to if I set it that way?

    Thank you.
    03-03-09 03:40 PM