1. Syrius's Avatar
    I'm unsure the best place to post this, as it may just be connected with the storm.

    Q. Does anyone else have connectivity problems with AIM?

    The symptoms I've noticed are roughly the following: AIM will connect no problem, and I can message people. If I move location by quite some distance (such as travelling somewhere else in the city), AIM will sometimes stay connected and other times only appear to still be connected. This problem manifests itself in the following way: my buddy list will show up as normal, my status will be marked as online. However, if I try to send someone a message, I'll get booted back to the AIM login screen, be shown the "connecting" window, logged back in, and my chat log then says "x user logged in." The message I attempted to send will not actually be sent (even though it appears in my chat log).

    This obviously means that, at times, I end up disconnected for hours without even noticing, and cuts off several methods of contact that I leave open for people. I have many international contacts and texting just isn't a realistic option given tariffs. AIM is my way of keeping in contact with these people, but issues like this make it nigh impossible.

    Any advice/help? It's one of these issues that if sorted out, I'd have to seriously think twice about giving up the Storm for something else. While I'm having these issues, one of the main reasons I got the Storm for is not being fulfilled - it's incredibly frustrating!

    Thanks in advance!
    02-18-09 06:32 PM
  2. calvinosaurus's Avatar
    When I first got my Storm, I had some issues with it. I would be having a conversation, and then it would just log me off and wouldn't reconnect for a while. That, or like you said, I'd log in and leave it alone for a while, thinking it was still logged in, but tin reality it had logged me off long ago. But lately I haven't been having any issues with it. You're sure you have good wireless coverage in all the places you're going? I'd imagine if the signal dropped out, even for a moment or two, that it would disconnect you.
    02-18-09 06:51 PM
  3. Syrius's Avatar
    I'd imagine if the signal dropped out, even for a moment or two, that it would disconnect you.
    As far as I'm aware, the coverage in the city I live is pretty great, and it's rare that I see my connection drop. Part of me wishes it'd send a ping every five minutes or so and automatically reconnect if it doesn't see a connection, just to avoid this sort of thing.
    02-18-09 06:55 PM
  4. calvinosaurus's Avatar
    Yeah that would be nice...I'd like something like that too. Sorry I can't really think of anything else except the wireless signal dropping out. Good luck working on it though, I'll watch and see what others have to say because I'm curious now.
    02-18-09 07:00 PM
  5. dgs2000's Avatar
    This has happened to me on every version of BB's AIM client on my Storm and my Curve before it. I think for some reason that is just how it works. <rant> It's the worst of the 5 official BB clients offered. I hate AIM/AOL and I'm desperately trying to convert as many of my friends as possible to Gtalk so one day I can hopefully ditch the dinosaur that is AIM/AOL </rant>
    02-18-09 07:20 PM
  6. Burn Notice's Avatar
    Personally i have had no issues with it. I have 4-5 bars (full) all the time. I dont have a gTalk or Y! so I cant compare.
    02-18-09 08:07 PM