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    I upgraded to .99. After reconnect, reboots, etc., my unread message indicator is showing 863 unread messages. I only had about 20 before the upgrade. But these emails don't actually exist or show up anywhere. The inbox is the same as before I upgraded. There's a couple dozen emails in there, a mix of read & unread.

    I have done a few battery pulls, which seem to take more time than usual. Each time, the # of unread emails goes down a little. On first reboot, there were 901. Now I'm down to the 863. All these emails are attributed to 2 accounts: my work email address and a gmail account. My yahoo account is fine and so is my vzw.blackberry.net account. (I'm using BIS.) The # does go up & down when I get new emails and when I delete new emails.

    I have also resent the service books via BIS and rebooted.

    This was after using CrackMem to remove the Sample Pictures, etc. (The samples are in fact gone... thanks Rooster.) While this was my first use of CrackMem on a new OS load, it was not my first OS upgrade.

    Other things I've noticed (perhaps related?)
    * I got an error from the App Loader when the OS upgrade completed. Its attached. "The following databases were not completely restored..."
    * On my initial reboot after the upgrade, I got a couple error messages about WordToGo & the SlidesToGo programs. I don't use 'em, so didn't concern myself. On subsequent reboots, no such errors have appeared.
    * There is one inbox email (marked read) that won't delete. Other messages do delete fine/normal.
    * All but 1 saved message is gone. And that 1 message exists twice. (I didn't have too many saved messages. Maybe a dozen.)

    Any help and advice is appreciated.
    02-04-09 10:07 AM
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    I'll provide an update for those following silently at home.

    I was going to try this solution to wipe the email database clear, but upon reconnecting the Storm to the laptop and opening DM, the window popped up to install updates to the Blackberry. So I let it go thru the install process, seemingly for the 2nd time.

    I got the successful install message (no error like posted/attached above). Prior to a reboot, the 860+ emails were still showing as new. But after a restart, the icon shows 10 new messages, plus I can delete messages as normal. So whatever the issue, I guess its solved.

    (Its also worth noting that the problem seems to have been that each email (opened and unopened) was residing on the BB many times each. I found this by doing the "touch, don't click" search and the search results showed dozens of the identical email. I bet the sum total of all the identical unopeneds added up to the icon #.)

    I'm curious if this problem pops up for anyone else.
    02-04-09 12:04 PM
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    I was having a similar issue just now. I have a message indicator showing 3 un-read messages and couldn't find them anywhere. I did alot of updates to the Storm today and realized I had the messages from the BlackBerry activation that were hiding. I couldn't find them until I did a search for un-read messages in each account.
    02-06-09 05:12 PM