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    I just got a Blackberry Storm from my work.
    It pairs with the inbuilt bluetooth carkit of my Volvo V70 MY 2008.

    It syncs the adressbook. But when I go through my adressbook in the car it shows the phone number twice in stead of the name and number...

    Since i can remember the names and not the numbers it is kind of difiicult.
    The voicedialling only solves part of the problem....

    Any suggestions?
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    02-16-09 07:21 AM
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    I have a blackberry storm 9500 (vodafone) and a brand new Volvo V50 with bluetooth carkit system. I also have double telephone numbers after searching for contacts via the carkit. It's strange because the carkit does search the mobile's addressbook based on a name, so it can see/recognize the mobile contact/addressbook. I hope someone has the answer or that a update in the future will fix the problem. Until then I will experiment with the contact settings.


    05-01-09 02:48 PM
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    excatly same issue ...I think that is is coming from bluetooth module version as

    I have tested on 2 BB8120 and one curve 8900

    1-With one 8120 ok no issue, in the name field of the kitcar XC60
    volvo there is the name

    2 -on the second 8120 and on the curve 8900 the name is replaced by the phone number ...

    I have analyse the module bluetooth version on the 2 8120 and there is a difference

    The version included in the 8120 on which there is no issue is

    The version included in the 8120 on which there is an issue, a problem is

    So for me it is a problem of the last version of blueetoth module ... Do you know if it is possible to copy a specific module on the BB 8120 for which the synchro is not ok ? if yes how I can extract this modules from the 8120 on which there is no issue for copy it in the B 8120 on which I have the synchro problem ?

    05-23-09 07:57 AM
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    just for reactivate this thread
    06-05-09 03:20 PM
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    Hi guys,

    I had the 2 number phone book problem on my V50 too. I was using a Bold 9000 with

    Upgraded the Bold to and now the address book works fine!.
    However the last 10 number lists (dialled, answered, missed) never fill and I see a please wait type message.

    Any one get any further with this?


    05-11-10 06:14 AM
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    I forgot completely about this post. Indeed my BB problems where solved after the update and everything works fine now. I have no problems with the history log with my carkit and haven't done anything special other than the update. Goodluck with this issue.


    05-11-10 06:34 AM