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    I posted this on HowardForums but wanted to check to see if anyone else has gotten this call yet.

    I'm aware of the BOGO sale right now but this is a little different. Got a call (voicemail) from Manager at store I purchased original Storm. Said "anyone" who has purchased a Storm since launch can add a line and Storm is free. Found it highly odd they would do it for me but if others are looking to add a line, I'd say see if your local store is doing this "promo" also.

    It may be YMMV but worth a try. Don't have visual proof since it was a voicemail unfortunately.

    Currently I'm a single plan so that may have been a contributing factor but as said, may be YMMV.
    02-10-09 07:02 PM
  2. FISH4RUDY's Avatar
    I called Verizon and they said 'not true' so sounds fishy to me. Good luck if it works!
    02-10-09 07:30 PM
  3. Jonbo298's Avatar
    He called from the number of the store and said I can come in if I want to. I may at some point to validate the offer.
    02-10-09 07:34 PM
  4. icmedia's Avatar
    I assume it is true, since I bought my Storm on 12/5 and just went 3 days ago to get one for my girl and they gave it to me free. The sales rep said the BOGO sale applied to anyone who had bought a Storm, period. 2nd BB device is free no matter which BB I picked.

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    02-10-09 07:41 PM
  5. lazybeef's Avatar
    It is a "Buy one get one free" promo for blackberry. Works only for plans with multiple people on it. Basically you buy a blackberry and you get another one of equal or lesser value for free...only caveat is that you have to pay the tax on how much the most expensive costs without the deal(aka pay tax for a 500 dollar phone if you get a storm..YIKES!)
    02-10-09 07:45 PM
  6. icmedia's Avatar
    They didn't make me pay tax; my purchase price on the receipt was listed as $0.00 and the tax calculated on that was, of course, nothing.

    Seriously, though, where are people hearing this info? I actually went to a corporate store and was given the BOGO deal...I am not speaking from opinion, or from something I heard.

    And yes, to clarify- if you get another BB it has to be on your plan as an additional line...they don't just hand you the BB and wish you a happy life.

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    02-10-09 08:31 PM
  7. lazybeef's Avatar
    I just bought my BB on Saturday and that is the deal they worked out. What state do you live in? I believe the Tax is subject to where you live(I'm in CA which just so happens to be broke).
    02-10-09 08:37 PM
  8. Twin13's Avatar
    You of course have to pay the additional BB Data plan right? So if wife and
    girlfriend are not on BB's currently, you would have to pay additional $29.99?

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    02-10-09 10:41 PM
  9. lazybeef's Avatar
    Yes. But if you have a share plan the minutes and random services can be rearranged to reduce the financial impact of that additional monthly fee.
    02-10-09 11:48 PM