1. irpinia's Avatar
    dear friends i am new here ...i know that this issue is bin talked about ...
    but here my dilemma....
    i purchased 2 phones bb storm 2 unloocked they are verizon phones...
    i tryed a t mobile sim card to see if they works...i made a phone call to an other phone next to me and it whent trough....now i purchased this phones to give them out as a gift in europe...italy that is... that will be the final destination , i allready switched the language by using the blackberry desktop software...how do i get rid of this message 'activation requierd"...
    my fears are that i will have problems with the phones once im there ..they use vodafone and this other company tim with they are gsm...thank you in advance....Tony
    09-08-11 09:31 PM
  2. Anthony_57's Avatar
    Try ##000000 Send... then change the two top lines to your present phone number
    03-06-12 06:26 PM
  3. Anthony_57's Avatar
    Try ##000000 Send.... then change the two top lines to your present number
    03-06-12 06:29 PM