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    If this sounds stupid, please forgive me! My husband just switched to Verizon (we have seperate phone plans), and since I've always wanted a Storm he ordered the 9550 with his new plan so that I can use it on Tmobile, and found a low priced new Droid on the web for him to use with Verizon (which will not be mailed to us until next week, therefor he won't be able to transfer the VZ line to the Droid until then). The Storm just came, and I am waiting for my unlock code email, however, he wants to activate it now so he can log into his account on VZ's website, but I don't even want to activate it because I don't want VZ pushing their service books through before I'm able to get Tmobile ones in. Will activating the phone with VZ first be any different than not activating it, or will there be no difference once I turn on the 'gsm only' network? It's the whole "it's MY phone and I don't want it on Verizon ever" childish issue, really, lol . Please help!
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    UGH, I posted this in the wrong place, meant to put this in the 9550 threads- since there doesn't seem to be a delete option I'm going to copy it over to where it belongs, no need to reply. Sorry, mods...
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