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    There have been a lot of posts about battery life all through the various OS builds that have leaked. Everyone seems to be experiencing different results on each version. My question is, how accurate do you think the battery meter is? I've always been able to get a full day out of my battery, regardless of OS version. I upgraded to .103 and seems like battery life is even better. But today, after charging the phone overnight, after 4 hours of regular use, I'm still at a full 5 bars. Battery status said 100%. After a batt pull, it said 95% so it seems like the meter may not be accurate.

    Yes, I understand that battery life has a lot to do with whether bluetooth and GPS is on, what apps are running in the background, and usage. But it seems to me that EVERYONE in this community knows this, and does their best to maximize their battery life, but everyone gets differing results. The bottom line is that the hardware is the same so battery life should be similar, given the same amount of usage.

    Maybe our assumptions are all wrong. Maybe the battery meter is faulty and we really have more, or less juice in our batteries than we are lead to believe. Has anyone actually ran their Storm from full charge til is was dead and timed it?

    I'd just like to hear your thoughts on this. Am I way off on the possibility? Info from anyone that has inside knowledge on the hardware and OS would be great!
    02-15-09 03:28 PM
  2. TheChampJT's Avatar
    Mine works great. When it's at critical, it's shuts off about 15 minutes later.
    02-15-09 04:56 PM
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    My phones only died once and that was the first day I got it, because I couldn't put it down

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    02-15-09 05:06 PM
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    I've noticed that after upgrading to a new OS the battery meter becomes a bit inaccurate. The fix for me has been after an upgrade to a new OS let the battery drain down until it hits red/critical and then charge back up. It's not great for the battery to do this every time, but after a new OS upgrade I think this helps the OS calibrate itself with the battery.
    02-15-09 05:30 PM