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    So I did some search and couldnt come up with anything. Hopefully someone could help me. So i have a blue ray version of The Dark Knight and it came with a dvd copy of it. I put it on the computer and it atomaticly downloaded it to itunes. So my ? is if it can be converted to the storm.
    02-03-09 03:30 PM
  2. djgmac's Avatar
    not to my knowledge. I have the same thing, and i just settled to putting it up on my ipod touch. The best thing i can say to do is rent the dvd. then convert that to go on the Storm.
    02-03-09 04:09 PM
  3. drjay868's Avatar
    Yes it can. I downloaded a program onto my pc last night that will convert from DVD file to one that is optimized for the Storm. It will even give you the options for wide screen or full screen. Its called Media Studio and is on the CrackBerry home page. Costs $20 bucks but IMHO its well worth it because I just watched Scarface and Burn After Reading today at work...

    http ://www.makayama .com/dvdtoblackberry .html
    02-03-09 04:17 PM
  4. korp#IM's Avatar
    Definitely seems like a legit program I might have to invest.
    02-03-09 05:06 PM
  5. drjay868's Avatar
    Definitely seems like a legit program I might have to invest.
    I reccomend it. The video looks incredible. I never thought any video I put on there myself would look as good as the Babylon AD trailer, but the whole movie looked that way! It even gives you the option under advanced to determine if you want superior video, or sound. Do you want wide screen (16:9) or full screen (4:3).

    I only have 2 negatives for the program:

    1) when converting to the Storm specific file, you can't name it whatever you want
    2) converts the single DVD movie (Burn After Reading for example) to about 5 - 20min videos.

    The FAQs said something about it being a BB issue that will only let 20min videos on the Storm but that RIM may work that out later. I just know its a little bit of a PITA, but still worth it, IMHO.

    Also, remember that it won't do any DVDs that are copywrite protected, so I had to decrypt it first, then use Media Studio for converting to the Storm specific file.
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    02-03-09 05:14 PM
  6. obklxa's Avatar
    there is no limit on movie length. I have a few full length movies as one file each.
    There are free options to copy your own movies from dvd or blue ray. You need to find a way to remove the copyright info before shrinking the file... and most times, software that can do that is in a gray area because you own the dvd (so why not do whatever you want with it for personal use) but you are not legally allowed to circumvent copyright.
    02-03-09 05:38 PM
  7. tsailor1's Avatar
    You guys need to check out Handbrake. It will convert dvd's to many types of formats and its FREE!!! I use it to convert movies for my Apple TV and the same format will work on my storm.
    02-03-09 09:25 PM