1. jpdfly's Avatar
    Hi all, been monitoring these forums for a couple of months, and just decided to join last week, and last night, I took the venture into upgrading from .75 to .99. I must say, overall, I am impressed with the changes in the OS, and I have noticed some of the things mentioned here, namely the typing lag, but I find that not even that bad. Many of the other problems I have seen people experience on here, I haven't had, and install went extremely smooth, didn't have to wipe my phone or anything. I did a search on the problem I am having, and either I didn't search the correct parameters, or this is just a problem I'm experiencing, so sorry if one does exist. When I had .75 and locked my phone, I could click on the screen while it was locked to look at the time or see and new messages or notifications, yet keep it locked, because with my line of work, I usually don't have time to always play with this awesome machine. Upgrading to .99 though, I have lost this ability while it is locked, as the screen just stays blank when I click on it. Is this a .99 issue, or a setting I have? Thanks in advance!

    02-06-09 10:51 PM
  2. racermech#CB's Avatar
    This was something fixed back in .83. This way the phone is in your pocket you dont kill your battery everytime you bump the screen. To get the screen to come on just hit one of the 4 buttons, that will trun the screen on to check the time or whatever you need.
    02-06-09 11:51 PM