1. TimmyChunga's Avatar
    I have followed all of the instructions found on the site and when i DL .99 nothing shows up when I connect my Phone to DM. I cant seem to find the upgrade in DM. Anyone have any ideas?
    02-08-09 06:19 PM
  2. ihierbal's Avatar
    Try disconnecting from internet. You installed the OS onto your computer right?
    02-08-09 06:21 PM
  3. chanp's Avatar
    Im getting the same issue. If I disconnect from the internet, when I do upgrade, it says no upgrade needed. If im on the internet, it shows the .65 and .75, no .99. How do you delete the vendor file after you have downloaded the new software?

    02-08-09 06:26 PM
  4. dd214's Avatar
    1) Make sure you have deleted the Vendor file before launching the DM.

    2) Disconnect from internet before launching DM

    -To delete Vendor-
    My computer-C drive- applications-Common Files-Research In Motion-AppLoader- Vendor .Xml <delete that one...
    02-08-09 06:29 PM
  5. TeckSupport05's Avatar
    if it still doesnt work, try

    My computer-C drive- applications-Common Files-Research In Motion-AppLoader-App Loader (the actual program)
    02-08-09 06:31 PM
  6. westrnflyer's Avatar
    Do the above that is what I did. I also had to delete the vendor file in the rim folder before opening apploader.
    02-08-09 06:40 PM
  7. mscooley's Avatar
    Browse to the folder where desktop manager is installed and double click on apploader.exe....this will take care of you.
    02-08-09 06:55 PM