1. wmscottmc's Avatar
    I was pretty happy with .99 before using it this weekend to take videos, and pictures, watch videos, and listen to mp3's quite a bit. It wasnt pretty. It hung or had to be rebooted 7 times. I was lucky if I could take/save a picture 50% of the time. Watching videos sometimes worked, sometimes didnt, same listenting to mp3's. Just trying to look at my pictures would even hang up the phone sometimes, or be very very slow to display, waiting for up to 30 sec's each time. And I constantly got the little clock.......... while waiting for everything.

    My phone on .99 is pretty stable as long as I dont do media stuff. But Im telling you, if the final OS is anything close to being as slow and unusable as this version is it will be the end of this phone.

    Im beginning to think that the processor on this Storm just cant cut it, and if thats the case, an OS patch probably wont be able to solve these serious issues.
    02-08-09 10:40 PM
  2. neolantis's Avatar
    the official version should be stable. but for the time being try the hybrid that sith made...works great for a lot of folks
    02-08-09 10:47 PM